If you ever wanted to know what my type is. But seriously though call me.

#21 What is Love

Have I told you that I think you are attractive?

You only like me because you've never meet anyone else.

That doesn't prevent me from being attracted to you.

True, but you might be less attracted to me if you had another example to compare me with.

That also doesn't mean I'll be more attracted to them.

Not if there was a girl with a pretty face, bright blue eyes, long red hair...

What is "blue"?

...thin waist, kissable lips, and a shyness that makes your types chase after them, maybe even carrying a book or two...

...with just a few fingers sticking out of the sleeve of the hoodie that is obviously too big on her, and...

Are you daydreaming?

Yeah, so were you.

Maybe a little.

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